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             Recertification Reminder:  All Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief Volunteers are required to be recertified every three (3) years. If you have not had Phase I Training or been recertified since 2007, you are required to attend a Recertification Training event . Please see the Disaster Relief Training page at the link below. Please contact one of our Unit Directors or the GBC office.

Thanks & 73,

Larry Tyson, W4WLT

Communications Task Force Director

 Georgia Baptist  Disaster Training Seminars



WHO WE ARE We are a group of Christian amateur radio operators who are trained in disaster relief communications and  affiliated with the Georgia Baptist Disaster Communications Ministry.  We operate and maintain two communications units outfitted with amateur radio and associated equipment. Unit 14C has seen service in  The World Trade Center Disaster and hurricane, tornado, and flood relief efforts including Katrina and many others.  Unit 5C has been recently been refurbished and has the latest communications equipment on board including Star Band (state of the art internet service provider via satellite uplink).     

 WHAT WE DO We volunteer our time and personal radio equipment to provide logistical and support communications for the Georgia Baptist Relief Ministry Units when activated by local, state, national or international disaster.

WHY WE DO THIS As Christians, we should lead by example and are commanded by Biblical foundations to share our faith and trust in Christ by providing assistance to those who have been impacted and displaced by disaster.

Biblical reference- 

Matthew 25: 35-40

                    James 2: 16-19                     

Luke 10: 25-37

     II Corinthians 5: 14-15       




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