DISASTER RELIEF 


FEEDING  Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief feeding units are capable of feeding up to 5,000+ meals a day and  volunteers are trained to provide nutritious meals in both low and high volume feeding.

CLEAN UP & RECOVERY  Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief clean-up and recovery units are equipped with power equipment and chainsaws for debris removal, mud-out, and temporary repairs to damaged homes. Volunteers are trained in the proper use of this equipment for a safe and efficient disaster relief response.

COMMUNICATIONS  Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief communication units are equipped to set up temporary communications across a disaster area to provide logistical and tactical communications for our disaster relief units. Volunteers in communications are trained and equipped to provide communications in a professional and efficient manner.

CHILD CARE  Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief childcare units are  equipped with all the equipment needed to provide safe and efficient childcare in a disaster area. This equipment includes everything from toys to pampers to a washer and dryer. Volunteers are trained to provide care for children who are victims of disaster with their families.

All  units are self contained and equipped with generators, cooking supplies, and other emergency equipment necessary to be self-supporting in disaster area.

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